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Requesting access to or reproductions from the University of California, Davis Department of Anthropology Museum can be done in a few easy steps. Please provide us with information about yourself and your research, as well as a full address for potential mailing purposes. All requests are subject to approval. Collections access is subject to policies and procedures necessary to protect the specimens, and dependent upon limitations of time, space, facilities, and staff. Please note that processing of this form may take several weeks to complete and requests may involve fees. Please submit request 3-4 weeks ahead of desired date to allow time for processing and scheduling.

Persons or institutions who access the collections do so with the understanding that any publications or other products resulting from such access will be duly credited to the UC Davis Department of Anthropology Museum, and copies will be provided gratis by the user to the Museum to further document the collections. When someone owns collections other than the UC Davis Department of Anthropology Museum, copies of the final results must be provided to both the owner and the Museum.

Two ways to submit:

Either fill out the form in-browser below or download the PDF form and send it back. We'll get back to you via the contact info provided.


Access and Use Form

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Note: If over 2 hours of staff assistance are required, the researcher is subject to a charge for staff time in accordance with current museum policies. For more information, please contact the museum.
Note: Please explicitly specify which accession numbers, site numbers, types of artifacts, and/or document titles you wish to access