Chimu Effigy Vessel of a Monkey
Chimu Effigy Vessel of a Monkey

July 2, 2015: Chimu Effigy Vessel of a Monkey

16 x 14 x 12 cm

The Chimu kingdom flourished along the northern Peruvian coast for a short period from around 1200-1470 CE, when they were conquered by the Inca. Prior to their expansion as a powerful state, the heart of their civilization has roots in the Moche culture, a culture that arose around 100 CE and that is known for its varied ceramics. The ceramic of the Moche and their successors provide valuable information on everyday life, depicting everyday activity such as fishing, weaving, metalworking, warfare, and sex, as well as a range of plants and animals familiar to the culture. North Coast Peruvian ceramics capture a wide variety of themes in striking detail, sometimes incredibly lifelike while other times hilariously cartoony.

This effigy vessel depicts a rather festive monkey, with what appears to be a hat and necklace. The red and white painted design is characteristic of North Coast Peruvian pottery design.

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