Wukchumni Yokuts Tule Basket (Sue-u)
Wukchumni Yokuts Tule Basket (Sue-u)

November 13, 2015: Yokuts Sue-u (Tule Basket), ca. 1902

This beautiful basket, called sue-u by the Wukchumni Yokuts, was purchased by Clinton Hart Merriam on the Kaweah River near Lemon Cove in Tulare County, California on August 5, 1902. It is made from tule, a large aquatic plant in the sedge family that is common in Central Valley wetland environments. The handle, made from a cloth string, is an innovation to the design. This loosely twined basket exhibits an interesting start, in that it is not the typical cross-warped start seen on many twined baskets. Instead, the weaver takes advantage of the soft material to loop the warps together in a circular design.

Wukchumni Yokuts Tule Basket (Sue-u) Start Exterior


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